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Post by Ycs on Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:24 pm

1. Name Age Location (Country GMT)

Cosmin 25 Romania/Craiova GMT+2

2. Class In Game Level (main and subclasses), equipment

Bounty Hunter almost 76, nothing atm will craft for myself soon

3. Time you usually spend ing weekdays and weekends.

Weekdays got univ but i only go for a few hours/week some evenings i go out some not,
weekends some evenings i go out rest of the day i'm ing (usually) ... My life is basically L2, girlfriend (she is emo atm for spending less time with her) and univ.

4. Clans In general and clans on this server(reason for leaving)

Been in a lot of clans most of the time in FightClub and NonSense on a lot of servers on every server i played with my brother on this serv SoulThief. No other clans on this server

5. Reason why you want to join the clan ( if its the case person who recommended the clan)

I can't leave I'm CL Smile

6. Comments on the clan rules

I hate the bastard who wrote them


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