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Post by Kuki on Wed Oct 14, 2009 12:50 pm

1. Name Age Location (Country GMT)
My name is Lukas, 26, from Poland (GTM +1)

2. Class In Game Level (main and subclasses), equipment
Spellsinger 75 (DC set, CON+Acu, Spiritual Eye)

3. Time you usually spend ing weekdays and weekends.
4-5h, weekends ~7h

4. Clans In general and clans on this server(reason for leaving)
on this server I was in AoW but this was just my mistake, generaly i was playing with Enclave

5. Reason why you want to join the clan ( if its the case person who recommended the clan)
SamSeZrobie recommended You

6. Comments on the clan rules
ok Smile


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