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Looking For Clan !! Empty Looking For Clan !!

Post by kkthx on Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:50 pm

1. Hello there .. my name is Chris and i am 24 years old ... also i am from Greece ( GMT +2 )
2. Plains Walker almost 74 ( main ) no subs yet ... top B equip so far
3. I spend like 5-6 Hours everyday
4. No clans joined till now on Kastien
5. I just need a good clan with Activity and ppl so we can make a party to help and be helped
6. Rules looks fine to me ... but u are saying about afk users on party ... sometimes i am logged and i am at work ... i cant be so active for party / raid / xp and etc staff ! So if some1 invite me to his/her party and i have to go afk ... i will ! ( but before u invite me in party i will Notice to all that i am at work )

PS : Thats all i had to say .. whatever answer will be good luck and cya in game ! Arrow

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