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Post by RIFLER on Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:25 pm

1. Name Age Location (Country GMT):basilis 26 Greece(GMT+2)
2. Class In Game Level (main and subclasses), equipment:
spellhowler 75 avadon shadow weap c jouls
3. Time you usually spend ing weekdays and weekends.:
at least 6h when i work and other days 10+
4. Clans In general and clans on this server(reason for leaving)
ROXY:ooc clan server die
CELES:VEXATION clan same reason
here my first clan is dejavu
5. Reason why you want to join the clan:
i come cause i knew namisan(sharing4n).now i see that is active clan with good and friendly member which have wars
rbs and other pts and im here to help me and to help you!
6. Comments on the clan rules:hmmmmm....no


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